Owls & Aardvarks

Read a bit of the Sunday times today and found an article about a new question answering tool at http://www.vark.com. I'm not sure I'd be qualified to answer much beyond my first impressions of this, but after reading the article, I went to sign up….and found myself interested enough to join Facebook (well, vark and the idea of trying to connect with a long lost roommate~where in the world is Sharon Cowdery!??? But that is another post)
So I join Facebook and I have maybe 3 friends. Then I join Aardvark (and the Arthur episode has been seen enough times in this household to warrant me being driven crazy before I get too much further involved, but again, I digress).
After Facebook, Aardvark asks me for friends. I have 3. So it seems that based upon their algorithms I have little to no chance of ever getting a friend to answer a question for me, so why would I go this route and not just dial them up on le phone? Not sure.
Also, I'm not an IM type of girl. I can get Twitter and use it fine, but to join up and find a separate page just to field/answer a question? Not sure there, either. I am fine with Yahoo Answers, even if they are growing mold. Sometimes you just need an answer, not one that is fresh or from a friend.
So, the jury is still out on this. And perhaps I need more friends…who knows?



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