On our way to Golf

One of the things we have been holding our breath on around here is an inspection! Yes, a house inspection. We happen to live in one of the most expensive counties in the United States. As such, it is is hard for the common family to purchase a home, even in a downturn economy such as this.
In a twist of fate, however, it may be this very downturn that is creating prices which make it *almost* affordable for us to get into the real estate market here in Northern California. IMG_1068

We are slowly but surely working our way through the 100 trees of paperwork that are required and the eleven gallons of wine that must be consumed along the way in order to reflect on the insanity of the process in and of itself. What we have now are thousands less in cash and just a few more hoops to jump through. Patience will be in high order as we let the bank and the loan mens & womens do their work and we'll hope to close on our new home at the end of August. Truly. Unbelievable. IMG_1061

My question, is it like this for everyone, that first dive into the real estate pool? Do you jump in, fearful and penniless and hoping for the best? Is there anyone out there (whom we might refer to as like minded and such) who jumps in with confidence, a plump and healthy bank account and no worries about insulation and leaks? Please do tell, as we are confident but oh so poor. And yet calm…before the proverbial storm? We shall hang on and see~stay along for the ride~we'll need all the friends we can find!


One thought on “On our way to Golf

  1. Sounds like it’s still moving forward. It’s scary and hard and excellent and …. It’s a very charming place. I hope it gets all worked out and you and the family can make it your home. It was so very wonderful to see LRS for a couple of weeks and I’m glad to hear the camping went well. Looking forward to perhaps seeing her and you again this summer. How was the b-day?

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