How I met Sally Holmes

This story begins in a new neighborhood, with a very lively big sister, an as yet unborn baby sister (read: uncomfortable mama) and the need for some good long walks. On one of our first ventures out, we happen upon a lovely home, the perfect shade of blue with white shutters, a magical front gate and the most beautiful largesse of roses one can imagine. We stop to smell and wonder at their beauty. So simply lovely and inviting.
Fast forward to an upcoming special occasion and mama thinks it's time to investigate these flowers and discuss them with their owner. They are lush and beautiful, we are poor and happy, might you like to share?
I coerce Pepper to take me and baby for a walk and discuss the wild idea of asking a total stranger to share their flowers. With us. For free. We take the quick walk around the block, gaze in awe at the flowers and continue to discuss "boundaries". Like the ones I may be crossing when I boldly decide to enter the magical gate and up the porch I go to ring the doorbell. And then knock. And ring the doorbell again.
I am not usually known for backing down, in fact I can be a bit of a bulldog if I really want something~I'll be the one figuring out a way to make it happen. So, after all this ringing and knocking (and I can see the TV on inside) I should have gathered my senses and left the porch…but those beautiful flowers were beckoning.
A very upset gentleman answers the door, clearly I have intruded on his peaceful evening, and before I can state my request, he has slammed the door. I am mystified and almost crying, but ever hopeful, I call out "I just wanted to ask you about your roses~".
He opens the door again. We introduce ourselves and discuss what I've been so bold to request….and he says "Yes!" you may have some roses….as many as you like, please help yourself. I am amazed and gushing now and the poor fellow just wants to get me off his porch and settle back in to his evening.
Ecstatic now, I leave the yard though now I have a date with Sally Holmes…and a lucky fellow and a mountain hillside with a view. Thank you, W. Thank you, S. Your roses are lovely, your hearts moreso…
Picture 1


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