cloudy days

I see these "clouds" everywhere on the internets these days…words that are related to other words and ideas related to other ideas. What about the content of your days? Do those get to go in the cloud, too? Sometimes I think that might make the best sense of what has happened in a day instead of trying to create coherent sentences out of them, just put them down in the chaos order that created your day. Let's try it!

BABY GETTING FIVE TEETH ALL AT ONCE  eating a can of dry tuna fish for dinner TRYING TO CONTACT MR PEPPER WHILE HE IS VISITING FAMILY IN THE WILDS OF WEST VIRGINIA~SO VERY PEACEFUL THAT CELL PHONE COVERAGE IS AS FREQUENT AS A UFO SIGHTING big sister trying to figure out why the doves are literally mourning SIGNING PAPERS TO PUT A BID ON A HOUSE THAT MR. PEPPER HAS NEVER SEEN THE INSIDE OF finding out that same house has potential to be neighbors with a future sheriff's office/emergency center LISTENING TO BABY SCREAM LIKE A BANSHEE listening to big sister wonder, for the 100th time, what time the PDX'rs (you know who you are 🙂 will be here TRYING NOT TO MAKE WINE TIME INTO WINE DAY counting the hours until Mr. Pepper comes home (24.5) and this twilight zone disappears

That was fun, no? Kind of like Twittering on speed. Let's hope that the forces which created this twilight zone do not soon replicate themselves.

Thank you, now back to your regularly scheduled blog readings.


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