in leiu of…

Since I've not yet gotten the format down for this blog, I'm posting here in random~ness a few things I'm loving right now:
*By far, though still in Beta, the fastest, simplest way to find a recipe: This was too easy~sign up and find just what you are looking for. I love the fact that it has the "big" magazines listed on the side, so if you are certain that the recipe you remember seeing came from Bon Appetit, viola, just click on that magazine, from within your search results, to immediately narrow them down. I've already stockpiled my recipe box and am now ready to fire up the grill/oven/stovetop. BTW, I found this through Heart Hi-Tech~thank you!
*Some ideas for a baby girl birthday cake: Yellow cake dressed up like this: Tiniest Birthday Cake
Tea Party Cake and this: Colorful Cake though it looks like A LOT OF CAKE for such a tiny little girl. All via Martha, which is where we found big sisters' Ruffle Tower Cake all those years (7!) ago.
*A new cozy shadow[]box, from 6.5 stitches, available for free on Ravelry. Though it is dawning on June here, the temperatures have not consistently been above 75 degrees here in NorCal and therefore, cozy's are still in order. May be knitting one of these up shortly, say, in a spring inspired color! Stay tuned~
*Writing letters! We finally remembered (!) and sat down and wrote to our Kids Mail Swap partners this weekend. Please let them be thinking "better late than never". Many apologies! Check your mail soon and often….
*Monkeyspats pattern. These were a bit tricksy for the "mama at the end of the weekend brain" to figure, but once I did, they got assembled and onto baby legs immediately. We've been having a bit of trouble lately, as the pants I made for baby are so wide that both her legs quickly end up in one leg of the pants. A switch was made then to jammie style pants but they are so big in the (tiny) waist, that they end up sliding down the "hips" and once they cover the feet, normal activity is impeded and much sliding and falling occurs. Enter the Monkeyspats. Hopefully I can whip up a few more pairs of these and, properly fitted, keep our baby warm (see above cozy love) and safe! Who knew baby legs were so hard to keep warm!!!?


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