funny little man in a blue suit*

Late afternoon in the car, baby happily gnawing on a biscuit, on our way to pick up sister. The news of the hour tells me that Ron Takaki has passed away at the age of 70. I am deeply distressed but continue driving.
I had the pleasure of listening to Ron Takaki in the fall of 2008 at the school where I was recently employed. He was bright, funny, engaging and adamant about using an overhead projector and a red pen. Darling is one word that comes to mind.
He shared stories of his family, his years of surfing in Hawaii and his journey to Berkeley and the work he created and shared with the students there and learners everywhere.
I know I am one of thousands of voices to speak up about the passing of this gentle soul and am so grateful for the chance to have shared time with him before his departure. Thank you, Kiki. Thank you, Tessa.
*this is a riff on "Boogie Woogie Man" by Gabby La La. Available on itunes.


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