Thrift Thursday~

Today was the first of five "fancy cursive" classes that I'm signed up to take (more on that later) and on my way to class, with a few minutes to spare, I was able to stop in at Urban Ore. This is a dream warehouse for anyone interested in thrifting, especially where the home is concerned. Need a new (old) wooden window? Check. New (old) doorknobs? Check. New (old) bathtub? Check. New (old) furniture? Check.
I love it here, just wandering around the warehouse *and* the outside areas, imagining the possibilities. It's a wonder I don't come home with more! Some of my finds today:
The Trans Am Trainer. New shoes for Sean~now he can run fast while chasing that crawling baby !!
This chair reminds me of houses I've recently seen for sale: Potential here for the right buyer, good bones! I heeded the call and wrestled the chair on the kitchen floor for an hour and came up with this:
Not bad for $8. Now, if we could just find and purchase a house for that much 🙂


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