Spring for art!

We are going to be embarking on a new adventure in our family beginning this month. We're going to explore more intensively a certain topic in our world and really see how far we can go with it. This month, we have visited the DeYoung several times, most recently viewing the Andy Warhol exhibit. After we wandered around looking at life sized Elvis posters, 24 boxes of Brillo pads and loads of photographs, we drove over to the Arguello gates of Golden Gate Park just this side of the Presidio Golf Club (c. 1895).
Sister and Pepper ran over to view the Spire, a recent installation of Andy Goldsworthy's work.
We are excited to continue our conversations about "the Andy's" and hope to have some worthy art of our own to show in the very near future. Stay tuned!
On a related note, you may visit the blog of sister's first grade class and hear them read stories that they have written! Huckleberry class stories  Enjoy!


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