thrift score~

There I was, in the lowly aisles of Goodwill, a quiet afternoon probably searching for *something* but unsure as to what it was. I entered and walked over to the sheets and blankets section. I usually find something here for crafting with and was going to be happy to take that lovely sheet off the chair, a perfect design for a dress, I could picture it in my minds eye…nope, thank you very much, that sheet is going home with the cowboy with the brown felt hat and handlebar mustache.
I'm gathering steam now, trying to find that perfect "find". I overhear the employee talking to a customer about my age, among other similarities. He is convincing her "It's only $23 and if it doesn't work, bring it back within 3 days for a store credit." What could she be so cautiously optimistic about? An old, sturdy Singer SERGER with all its parts and cords! I am screaming in my little mind now, trying to convince her NOT to buy it~that score is MINE, I say, MINE. It's been just too long since I've found something wonderful for really cheap and there goes a lovely machine I'll dream of for the rest of my $23 days.
I look up sheepishly, convinced it's time to go home empty handed and wishing the cowboy and Singer lady all the best with their finds, when, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but 12 of the strangest tiny teacups, made in Brazil stamped on the bottom and playing cards printed on the sides. Now, I'm all in favor of a good find, but mom (and Grandma Jo before her) always says, "Don't buy anything you don't want to have in your own home." I reluctantly realized that playing cards and all the ironic icons that go with them, were never going to be part of my decorating scheme and so I put them back.
Now, I have been well trained, strengthened, taught and versed in all manner of antique shopping and thrifting. I have countless stories from mom that go with items she has scored, for cheap and for keeps, and so I keep on searching…One may be suspect of the many ways these treasures arrive, but the least is that they usually don't come alone. A lovely pair of Jimmy Choo heels, size 7, perfect condition, is not going to have been the only pair of high end shoes that you will see on the shelves in a given day, in other words. As we are so good at *buying* in bulk, so we seem to be good at *donating* in bulk.
All of which is to say, that my frantic and nervous brain suddenly alighted on a few gems which were to become mine. In order to bring *all* of these lovelies home, I paid more than the sheet would have cost me and more than the Singer serger was worth, but less than any one of these would have been to buy alone. And add this to my set of stories of items I've scored, for cheaps and for keeps 🙂

Click on any one picture at a time to see larger image:

IMG_0940 IMG_0943 



IMG_0942  IMG_0945  





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