camping, cooking, creating

Since the last post, baby has been keeping us *very* busy, displaying all the classic signs of incoming teeth. She does seem to want to take some pretty good naps, though, leaving time for more fun…but please don't tell her what she's missing out on 😉
Helping with the elastic for sister's new skirts…
Freshly baked bread. Trying new recipes to help out with the grocery budget~the birds are getting too much of our bread, as the store kind goes moldy too quickly! Will hope to share some recipes with you all soon!
Apologies again for the Schafer girls attached head syndrome. It does seem to affect all generations!
Setting up for bedtime~
Pepper & sister working together
Baby loves her crackers!
We knew we had the right campsite right away~
Sunday afternoon, sister has time for a twirl~
Hope you and yours enjoyed your weekend as well~Getting ready for my second week of being home with baby~hopefully the teething won't send us both to tears! And, more time for more posts! Stay tuned~


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