sunny days

Windy days swept through our lives last week, not so much troubling but rather COLD! Pepper reminds me that this is a seasonal thing. Perhaps Mother Nature needs to literally blow out the old in preparation for the new…and for our family, there is a lot of new to digest: mama stays home with baby, big sister rides the bus every day and Pepper works harder as the golf season ramps up. Here's what we've been doing in our spare time, despite, with and because of all of these changes:


Shopping at Ikea for a new desk for papa~


First drink of water from a cup! It was a hot, hot day~everyone but baby got to eat chicken sandos from Betty's~maybe next time she'll get a bite of something good!


Slippery sliding fun at the cement slide at Golden Gate Children's Park


Butterflies, up close and personal at the California Academy of Sciences


Chocolate pudding, I LOVE YOU!


And now I will make you MINE!


Standing up…and standing. And standing…and standing. She doesn't quite know what to do when she gets tired of standing up, so she just stands there and holds on until she quite literally falls over. Fun? Not so fun~


I will note here that this fine work was done by papa~And baby helps a bit. She seems to want to dive into the spoon and if you're not keeping track, it ends up on her cheek!

IMG_1223 IMG_1196 

Wanting to share the fact that our two children are two separate entities and do not re/attach themselves to each other at the cheek each time they are in the room together 😉


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