spring is here~

and we are all doing well. We have been very busy! a trip to the de Young museum’s friday night fete, they are open late with live music, crafts and a trip to the cafe for yummies~we all took part in the crown making and recycled object jewelry making tables, inspired by the Vivienne Westwood exhibit.  We have also learned all about sustainable gardening at an evening presented by Marin Art & Garden. There is a huge bee deficit in Marin county (and elsewhere) right now, so we’ll be picking up some bee inviting plants very soon and hoping that if we plant them, they will come.
Over Easter weekend, Sean and I had the luxury of getting away *overnight* just the two of us. I would have been thrilled to sleep on the beach wrapped in a towel, but Sean planned a wonderful stay for us at the Palace Hotel~built in 1875, it was right up our alley and we enjoyed every minute of it!Home_mainimage

What a treat!
Lucy and Sean have been playing a bit of golf in the backyard lately as well~they get the grass clippings together and make "bunkers" and then pull some grass really short in areas to make "holes". They are really a sight to see. The next Michelle Wie may be coming out of my back yard!
Getting ready to finish up this year of school, but before we do that we get to celebrate the 50th birthday of MCDS~that will be at the end of this month, with photos to follow. Other good news is that Lucy is going to be in kindergarten at MCDS next year~I am very pleased and proud to have this transition go so smoothly and finally be "in". Four short years ago I came to work at MCDS and saw immediately the potential joy and learning that we each could share in~now we get to make it happen!


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