highs and lows

last week was horrific in so many ways, but fortunately none of them long term or really truly horrible in hindsight.  i was called on wednesday afternoon to pick up lucy with what i would call an "imaginary" fever. her preschool teacher is a bit overprotective (read: neurotic) and the fever of 101 which she evidently saw never appeared on the thermometer once we got home.  i had just dropped lucy off from school that morning as well, having had to wait for the plumber until about 9:30am. the call to pick her up came right after that and we were then home together the rest of the day,  she mostly whining and me mostly hiding in my bedroom ignoring her.
thursday was going to bring heartache no matter what; i had a 9am dentist appointment for fillings and then two very important meetings to go to, and the last of a knitting class which would be impossible to reschedule. true to form, though, there was that "fever" again! i didn’t get the first call from her school (fortunately!) and yet the second call came 20 minutes before i had to be in knitting class. sarah saved the day, picked up lucy and took the admonition from the preschool that lucy had to stay out from school for 24 hours and they would happily see her on monday!
fast forward to a loooong set of days (friday/saturday/sunday) where lucy was not still sick enough to be incoherent/sleeping but also not well enough to be happy and cooperative. a mess, really. sean was brave and took us all to the exhibits at the legion of honor (french jewelry!) AND the deyoung (vivienne westwood!) lucy was a pill all through the L of H and then through lunch at the de young.  i realized how tired she was when, after leaving the deyoung we drove up to twin peaks and she fell asleep on the way. her mood improved a bit after that nap and we went to japantown.

here is a  photo of the treat that sean gave me when we got to the top of Twin Peaks in San Francisco. it was a beautiful day and the sky was clear as far as the eye could see. lucy had just woken from her little car nap and he says "just go enjoy the view by yourself. i’ll watch the little one so you can have some time alone". he got a little nap, lucy got a little more quiet time and mommy got saved from wanting to jump off the hill that gives this view. nice. very nice.


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