oh mommy, how could you!!

i’ve been away for  a week or so, absolving myself of thousands of useless items and therefore clearing out my house to make more space for projects, people and prosperity. i’m feeling quite thrilled with having fewer belongings and hoping that i can keep things clean and allow for a natural ebb and flow to occur in the future, so i don’t have to continue a complete overhaul every 6 months or so as i’ve done up to now.
in addition to clearing out things, i decided it was time to "clear out" the space on lucy’s head. this is double speak for Cut Her Hair. since i’ve not done this nor allowed it to be done Since She Was Born, it was a big decision on my part. i felt in many ways as though i was having her grow her hair out for my own selfish purposes. it was beautiful, brown and long. further down than the middle of her back and just begging to live through one more summer, returning to school in autumn with her locks sprinkled with sunny gold. unfortunately, this summer is going to be spent several weeks away from mommy, with G & G and as i realized the fun! of swimming, showering and lake diving with her, i also realized the horror! of having to deal with all that tangly, knotted snarl of hair. needless to say, three weeks of forcing them all to deal with this would not endear me to them in any way and thus delete any future chances of her spending time there sans mama.
so, we cut it. pictures below tell the story pretty well. we did go in to the salon for a "real" haircut and Cheri took off the front "punk rock" action and now we have a very respectable, very cute lucy bowl cut. she’s got the cutest damn face, though, i doubt she’d look any worse without hair. but we needn’t test out that theory! after the cut, she just cried and cried…turns out she was terrified that the kids at school would make fun of her. later that afternoon (after a lollipop to quell the tears) we saw a school mate at  a nearby store. imagine her happiness when he didn’t make fun of her! and truthfully, i don’t even think he noticed 😉


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