how much is too much?

I’ve been having some discussions with a good friend of mine in regards to an issue which is roughly translated as "How much is too much?". As I sit here plowing through a giant Cadbury milk chocolate bar (with illegal-at-my-school Almonds) at a rate previously unknown to my body, I am questioning the whole idea of the limits which we put on ourselves and the rules that we somehow attach to ourselves and feel obligated to abide by despite the validity or need for them.
Case in point: What are relationship rules? Do you have rules which you find yourself questioning, wondering if you should follow any certain one or give it up for another more appealing one? Do you stop here and there to smell the flowers and gauge your reaction and feelings or do you charge headlong into a relationship, no holds barred, not abiding by any rules, yours or anyone else’s.

And when you do that, heedless of the warnings of friends, where do you go when your pile of "in the moment" moments has added up and then they fall on top of you? I will tell you where to go, dear reader. Straight to the arms and advice of the friends who truly care about you, always and do not have insipid little tests and hoops to jump through so that you can "stay" being their friend. Those with tests for friends have not yet escaped the clutches of high school and will pay dearly for this in their most dire moment of need. Wish them well and leave them behind!

I am seeing now where the idea of no limits chocolate leads me to; feeling awful, throwing out the rest of the bar and wishing oh so mightily that I’d ridden my bike into school today so as to negate those 2 billion calories I just added to my frame.

So that we’re not all berating ourselves and feeling down all day, I’ll leave you with a bit of sweet…photos that is. We went out to the CD release party for my dear friend Liam Bowler ( and these photos came up on his website the next day….Fun!Mercyparty



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