socks! lucy! snow!

Well, a few weeks ago when I started working on these, the air was brisk, the sun was shining and all was right with the world. Now, it seems we’ve gone into some netherworld of weather and haven’t seen a regular Northern California day for several weeks. It is COLD it is WET and it is SNOWING on Mt. Tam. So, the idea of staying inside, working hard on socks, seems perfectly normal…meanwhile, my previously new and happy plants are now neither…argh.

Here are some pictures of the socks I’m working on…slowly but surely. I got mixed up on rows 8/9/10 and didn’t do the repeats I was supposed to, but fortunately no one (but you and I) will be the wiser…I’m using Crystal Palace Kid Mohair, and with two strands together on a size 2 needle, it’s not so bad. Very soft and fluffy, and I love the color, a lavender shade. The kids at school keep coming up to ask "Why are you knitting with toothpicks?", though. I’ve not thought of a clever answer to this, though, so if you’ve got one, send it along…

The picture of Lucy is from our yearly birthday walk, taken on "the last day we had sun" in the North Bay…enough said on this, I’m too depressed and my summer clothing continues to gather dust.

I’m hoping to get some photos of Mt. Tam with snow, but for now, this link will take you there: html?mode=singleimage&handle=admin&number=143 – 51k

Socks2006_008 Socks2006_007 Socks2006_001


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