starry nights and big cats

so we turned our clocks forward in time and yet it was a turn back in time as i made my way among the slick wet streets finding a path among the streetlights and stars…it felt like i was back in the days of winter, january chill and 5 a.m. darkness all around. it was all actually quite nice until i realized that i live so near to the wilds of marin that i became quite scared of spotting (or being spotted by) a mountain lion. i will say here, that despite the early hour and the fact that i’ve only ever seen a deer, i was running much faster than usual and running out of steam and hoping that my glances into the lawns and forests on either side of my path i’d just please, please, please not see anything. not sure quite why i thought today was the day for a mountain lion appearance, but since i am safely writing this now, i’d made it home, snug and warm.

and again in the "one step forward, two steps back" category, i got the website all up and running and updated with great photos only to have my digital camera die completely. i’ve borrowed one, so more photos soon…we’ve gotten LOTS of rain, so many beautiful flowers and lush lawns to report on in the near future!


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